Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekly GSoC Survey Tool meeting summary

The weekly meeting was held in the #sahana-eden IRC channel on Present were: Mark, Gavin, Michael, and of course whatever spectators:

What was discussed:

  • We removed some of the question types from the functional specification to simplify things
  • Discussed how michael did the ADPC _next stuff and how it can be applied to this project
  • Gavin suggested localization -- a suggested implementation is specified -- this is a "Nice to Have" as it's outside the scope of this project for GSOC.
  • Will discuss on the mailing list how best to generically support "wizard" like uis within S3 elegantly.

What's on the agenda for the next couple weeks (this week will be scarce):

  • Noodle over ways to generically support "wizards" in S3 elegantly
  • Implement the "Template" stage (page 1 of the wizard) [first milestone as per my project plan timeline]

Resources relevant to this meeting for the purpose of this summary:

  1. The functional spec
  2. The project plan timeline
  3. Meeting log [meeting ends at 0109 as per the timestamp in the logs]