Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Google NYC Office tour finally happens!

After three years of attempting to organize a Google NYC office visit -- we finally had that happen! The above picture is the Google NYC Reception area.

I must say that the Google NYC office is amazing! There are many places to eat and take breaks scattered throughout their office spaces on many floors -- one of which is Lego themed! They have the usual conference rooms, a computer museum -- with the usual vintage systems placed around. Did I mention the view from one of their kitchens is absolutely breath-taking? Well, it is -- just look for yourself!

I enjoyed the tour very much -- and I am sure that my fellow Google Summer of Code students did as well! For me, Google Summer of Code has been largely social -- meetups are a big component of this program in my opinion -- sure we have to produce code -- but why not have some fun mingling with students who were fortunate enough to get selected in this very selective program? This was a very successful meetup indeed.


Shahana Shafiuddin said...

Where is the other picture? I like to see google pictures

Robby O'Connor said...

I was not permitted to take pictures once I passed this is the only picture taken I'm afraid.

Unknown said...

That's cool