Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Google Voice tips & tricks: Send free international text messages!

Just throwing this out there in case anybody wants it.

You can SMS an international number such as one from the UK to their UK number (+447xxx) using Google Voice, then once they reply you get a special Google Voice number(406-###-####) and once you get this you can SMS them as you would any number and it will relay through google voice at no cost to you!

Caveat: Calling this 406 number *WILL* cost you at the Google Voice rate for calling the UK (or whatever country you are SMS'ing to).

Happy texting!


Downey said...

I tried this in the earliest days of the Google Voice platform after it migrated from GrandCentral, and it didn't work. Happy to see you had success!

Any testing with non-UK numbers?

Robby O'Connor said...

I have not had a chance to try non-UK numbers..