Monday, January 18, 2010

Facility Data updates

It's been a while since I last updated on the progress of the Facility Data Module. So without farther adieu here we go:

  • The relation between the FacilityDataFormSchema and FacilityDataFormSection is now Many to Many meaning that sections can now be re-used between several form schemas (or reports).
  • It now runs without errors on OpenMRS 1.5.x
The first item was a big problem that was a sore spot for this project since it wasn't too intuitive, ideally a user should be able to re-use a section. The second item was a freebie since the errors were likely all due to the incorrect modeling.

What's next on my list is the following:
  1. Allow for sections to be re-ordered within the schema (this is currently not possible and is a show-stopper.
  2. Fix up the calendar management pages -- those are horribly ugly, but this is after all a first pass, so that is to be expected right?
  3. Currently, it does not validate inputs for Numeric data types -- It need to.
  4. There still needs to be the ability to analyze the data that exists in the system to submit to funding sources; those pages need to be implemented but that is phase two of the project.
  5. There are likely other sore spots that exist that I do not see at this point and time that will be fixed at a later date.
That is all for now.

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